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Thanks to everyone who participates in our FREE TEE's Giveaway!

We will list the winners here for reference. Please contact for any questions regarding our giveaways. Our free tee's include free US domestic shipping. Unfortunately oversees shipping is not included.

We use for our winner selections.

*Our contests are never affiliated with facebook.

*Shirt design is up to shirt battle in some cases.

July 30th Winner #6 Mariantonella Rodriguez :::Random link

Free $40 Gift Card: A. Vester

Forever Nerd Winners:  B. Lepak, S. Guttman, D. Keel, A. De Long, B. Norris

Star wars winners: CLICK HERE

April 30th Andrew McDonald

May 1st J. Wunderlich

May 2nd Maggie Boone

May 9th: #8 Michael Boone



Written by Robert Lassers — May 16, 2014

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